Meet the Committee
Norman R. Augustine Norman R. Augustine
Retired Chairman and CEO, Lockheed Martin Corp.
Former member of the President’s Council of Advisors on
Science and Technology under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush


Dr. Wanda Austin Dr. Wanda M. Austin
President and CEO of The Aerospace Corp.


Bejmuk Bohdan Bejmuk
Chair of Constellation program Standing Review Board
Former Manager of the Boeing Space Shuttle and Sea Launch programs


Leroy Chiao Dr. Leroy Chiao
Former Astronaut
Former International Space Station Commander and Engineering Consultant


Dr. Christopher Chyba Dr. Christopher Chyba
Professor of Astrophysical Sciences and International Affairs, Princeton University
Member of President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology


Edward Crawley Dr. Edward F. Crawley
Ford Professor of Engineering at MIT
Co-chair of NASA Exploration Technology Development Program Review Committee


Jeff Greason Jeff Greason
Co-founder and CEO of XCOR Aerospace
Vice-chair of Personal Spaceflight Federation


Charles Kennel Dr. Charles F. Kennel
Chair of National Academies Space Studies Board
Director and Distinguished Professor, Emeritus at
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego


Lester Lyles General (ret.) Lester L. Lyles
Chair of National Academies Committee on the
 Rationale and Goals of the U.S. Civil Space Program
Former Air Force Vice Chief of Staff and
Former Commander of the Air Force Materiel Command


Sally Ride Dr. Sally Ride
Former Astronaut, First American Woman in Space
CEO of Sally Ride Science and Professor Emerita
University of California, San Diego


Phil McAlister Phil McAlister
Special Assistant for Program Analysis
Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation
NASA Headquarters