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Water Management
Water Management

Mission, Goals, and Objectives

NASA's stewardship of water resources includes management of drinking water, irrigation, storm water, waste water, wetlands, and other related natural resources issues. Our goal is not only to conserve the water itself, but to protect the natural resources which the water supports.

The NASA Headquarters Environmental Management System designates Water Management as a medium priority environmental aspect. The Environmental Management Program for this aspect includes an objective to reduce water usage across the Agency.

How Water Management Supports NASA's Mission

NASA's Water Management community helps field sites manage water wisely, which enables NASA to conduct ground operations and continually improve the efficiency of those operations. NASA implements a three-prong approach to mitigating water risk to mission: Perform mission operations and maintenance considering water efficiency and cost, construct and renovate with the life-cycle in mind, and manage water wisely.

Water Management Regulatory Drivers

NASA Procedural Directives (NPDs) and NASA Procedural Requirements (NPRs)

Federal Laws

Federal Regulations

  • 10 CFR 433, 435, and 436  Building Efficiency Design Performance and Life-cycle Costing
  • 48 CFR, 23  Environment, Energy and Water Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technologies, Occupational Safety, And Drug-Free Workplace

Executive Orders (EOs)

Water Management Point of Contact

Michael Green

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