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Technology Evaluation for Environmental Risk Mitigation
Technology Evaluation for Environmental Risk Mitigation

Mission, Goals, and Objectives

The Technology Evaluation for Environmental Risk Mitigation (TEERM) Principal Center limits risk to NASA's mission caused by environmental drivers.

TEERM's objectives are to:

  • Be an integration activity for the Agency to help improve NASA's ability to adopt new environmental or energy technologies to reduce unacceptable mission risks in a more proactive and cost effective manner, and to better position itself to respond to new global regulatory and business paradigms.
  • Foster collaboration on projects to reduce duplication of effort and costs of technology validation.
  • Ensure project results are applicable to current and future NASA programs.

How TEERM Supports NASA's Mission

TEERM projects and integration activities are designed to evaluate, in an unbiased fashion, technological solutions to environmentally-driven risks impacting NASA customers. TEERM project technology areas include:

  • Materials management and substitution
  • Recycling and pollution control strategies
  • Remediation and cleanup
  • Renewable and alternative energy
  • Encroachment risk mitigation
  • Adaptive response to climate change
  • Green sustainable development

Major Roles of TEERM

Problem Identification

  • Pollution prevention/ energy/remediation technology opportunity assessments
  • State-of-technology assessments

Project Formulation

  • Identify stakeholders (NASA, other agencies, industry, & international)
  • Formulate project team and establish partnerships
  • Identify total project resources and advocate for them
  • Identify technical and performance requirements of alternatives

Project Management

  • Manage technology demonstration/testing program
  • Prepare reports and disseminate results with an eye toward implementation

TEERM Points of Contact

Joni Richards – NASA TEERM Program Manager – NASA Lead Center for TEERM

David Amidei – Program Lead – NASA HQ

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