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Regulations, Guidance, and Policy

Additional procedures and guidance documents can be found under EMD's Functional and Principal Area webpages on this website.

NASA Procedural Directives (NPDs) and NASA Procedural Requirements (NPRs)

  • NPD 1000.0A  NASA Governance and Strategic Management Handbook
  • NPR 1000.3D  The NASA Organization w/Change 25 (September 1, 2011)
  • NPD 1001.0A  2011 NASA Strategic Plan
  • NPR 4310.1  Identification and Disposition of NASA Artifacts
  • NPR 8000.4A  Agency Risk Management Procedural Requirements
  • NPD 8500.1B  NASA Environmental Management
  • NPR 8530.1A  Affirmative Procurement Program and Plan for Environmentally Preferable Products
  • NPR 8553.1B  NASA Environmental Management System
  • NPR 8570.1  Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation
  • NPR 8580.1  Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act and Executive Order 12114
  • NPR 8590.1A  NASA Environmental Compliance and Restoration (ECR) Program
  • NPD 8810.2A  Master Planning for Real Property
  • NPR 9260.1  Revenue, Unfunded Liabilities and Other Liabilities

Federal Laws

Federal Regulations

Executive Orders

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