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Nasa Satellite photo of the USA at night
NASA Satellite photo of the USA at night

Artist concept of Ares I flying above the clouds.
A concept image of Ares lift vehicle.

Purpose of Mission, Goals, Objectives
The NASA Strategic Plan establishes the Agency's mission and long-term strategic goals and sub-goals and forms the basis for NASA's mission. The Agency mission is achieved through strategic goals/objectives, which are pursued tactically through specific performance goals. Performance goals, which are synonymous with requirements, are met through programs and projects and are traceable down to individual performance plans.

How Mission, Goals, Objectives Support NASA's Mission
The Mission Support Plan (MSP) establishes mission support goals that will support achievement of NASA's strategic goals and sub-goals. The Mission Support Integration Plan (MSIP) defines and integrates specific goals, objectives, and risks to achieving the goals across five mission support functional areas: workforce, infrastructure, finance, information systems, and management systems.

As a NASA Headquarters mission support organization, EMD will develop an Annual Operating Plan that explains how the Division supports the NASA Strategic Plan, the MSIP, and the Office of Strategic Infrastructure Implementation Plan. Specific outcomes, measures and metrics will be developed for each strategic focus area to track our effectiveness in implementing the MSP goals and objectives.

Mission, Goals, Objectives Regulatory Drivers 

Recent Accomplishments & Ongoing Activities 

  • EMD made significant contributions to the content of the draft MSIP now under Agency-wide review.
  • EMD drafted function-specific outcomes, metrics, and measures for each of the Division's three strategic focus areas that align with appropriate MSIP goals and objectives.

Additional Program Information

EMD Mission, Goals, Objectives Points of Contact(s)
James Leatherwood, Director, EMD 
Mike McNeill, Deputy Director, EMD