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Mission Statement

NASA's Environmental Management Division (EMD) provides leadership and guidance on environmental issues at NASA. As part of the Office of Strategic Infrastructure, EMD manages NASA programmatic and institutional requirements to advance environmental stewardship and sustainability. Additionally, EMD develops and disseminates policies for environmental planning, compliance, restoration, pollution prevention, energy and water conservation; as well as natural, cultural, and historic resource preservation. These policies enable compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) and other federal regulations and executive orders.

EMD supports NASA’s mission by protecting mission resources; mitigating environmentally driven mission risks; and maintaining environmental stewardship of assets, controls over environmental responsibilities, and compliance with applicable requirements. Proactive, sound environmental management contributes to risk reduction, mission success, and lower environmental liability.

To achieve its mission, EMD is subdivided into several functional areas that each focus on a specific aspect of environmental management. Learn more about the functional areas by clicking on them in the following table.

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