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Energy Management
Energy Management

Mission, Goals, and Objectives

The NASA Energy Management Program is supporting the NASA mission through implementing energy efficiency processes in areas such as facility planning, design, construction, operations, maintenance, procurement, logistics, and other areas that impact consumption and supply of energy by following internal and external regulation and policy.

The Energy Management Program within the Environmental Management Division strives to meet regulation and policy requirements for energy efficiency, renewable energy use, and GHG emissions through minimizing consumption without affecting safety or mission operations, eliminating energy waste, and increasing the use of renewable energy when cost effective.

Specific areas include:

  • Energy Efficient Buildings
    • Sustainable Design and Construction of new facilities
    • New energy efficient technology
    • Efficient maintenance and operation of new and existing buildings
  • Renewable Energy
    • Increase use of renewable energy whenever cost effective

How Energy Management Supports NASA's Mission

NASA has established a strong internal network of energy managers at each Center, the Energy Community of Practice, which is managing the energy program at the local level and communicates with NASA HQ on regular basis. The Community of Practice is also increasing public and NASA personnel awareness of limiting energy use, promoting energy efficiency habits, and maximizing funds available for NASA programs and projects through reducing expenditures for energy and utilities.

NASA is also collaborating with other Federal agencies and the DOE Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP).

Energy Management Regulatory Drivers

NASA Procedural Directives (NPDs) and NASA Procedural Requirements (NPRs)

Federal Laws

Executive Orders (EOs)

  • EO 13423  Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management
  • EO 13514  Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance

Energy Management Point of Contact

Holger Fischer
Wayne Thalasinos

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