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Morgan State University
CESET researchers performing a test on a circuit board Center of Excellence in Systems Engineering for Space Exploration Technologies
Award Period: August 2009 – September 2013

The Center of Excellence in Systems Engineering for Space Exploration Technologies (CESET) was established in 2009 at Morgan State University's Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr. School of Engineering to promote research and education in Space Exploration Technologies, Systems Engineering and Systems Engineering Management.

CESET works with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) as it oversees research initiatives focused on developing solutions in Define/Cognitive Radio applications software in support of GFSC space communications. This NASA University Research Center directly supports the NASA Human Exploration Operations, as well as the NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD).

CESET goals include:
  • Conducting applied research in space exploration technologies that directly benefits NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)
  • Providing system engineering oversight of these research initiatives
  • Offering educational and professional programs in Systems Engineering through the Systems Engineering and Management Institute (SEMI)

CESET concentrates on the following core efforts:
  • Software-Defined Radio Front-End Technology Development
  • Software Defined/Cognitive Radio Back-End Technology Development
  • Digital Signal Processing Technology Development for an Astronomy Science Receiver

CESET's objectives are:
  • To provide an enriched, hands-on, academic environment in systems engineering for developing students and professional engineers
  • To develop a system engineering framework and associated procedural requirements for guidance of all research initiatives
  • To investigate architectures and algorithms for implementation in intelligent radio applications

CESET replicates and adapts the systems engineering processes commonly used throughout NASA and implements a research protocol within an academic environment to provide engineering students with the practical learning process of systems engineering. Students are enrolled in systems engineering courses while actively participating in CESET research initiatives.

The Academic, Training, and Management Office (ATMO) serves as an educational research and service center, and is leveraged to address the sustainability of a pipeline of highly qualified talent pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers. ATMO provides a variety of innovative programs and after-school outreach services to K-12 students, designed to acclimate and engage students in scientific research, transition students into the collegiate environment, and retain students through successful matriculation leading to advanced degrees in STEM disciplines.

The outcome of CESET is to produce a pool of engineering graduates, equipped with research skills and knowledge of the systems engineering approach, prepared to enter the workforce to make an immediate impact on product and process development.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Carl White
Tel: (443) 885-3913, E-mail:

Center of Excellence in Systems Engineering for Space Exploration Technologies
Morgan State University
1700 East Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21251