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Professional Development Opportunities

Teachers sitting at a table working on an activity togetherThe NASA Curriculum Specialists work with SoI Awardees to customize their unique Professional Development training. Image Credit: NASA

SoI provides professional development training opportunities to learn about NASA content, NASA activities and NASA SoI-themed camps. Several types of offerings are available:

-- Face-to-Face refers to in-person or on-site sessions that are usually focused on a specific set of topics and are organized to fit the needs of national SoI awardees and NASA centers. The sessions often cover multiple days

-- Webinars/Webshops are online offerings, usually one to two hours long. They include a hands-on component requiring that participants gather supplies to follow along and do the activity during the session. In some cases, participants gather at a local site where a facilitator assists with the session. 

-- Online Courses are university-based courses that may be offered for credit.

-- Conferences or Community-Based Meetings are gatherings of participants (usually in person) where multiple activities are offered simultaneously, or participants are invited to come and go at different times and participate in only parts of the activity.

Most of these opportunities are available to the public, while others are reserved for individual groups. There are multiple opportunities to attend, so please select a time and date that best fits your needs.

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