Partnership Opportunities
NASA seeks unfunded partnerships with organizations to help achieve its Summer of Innovation goals, enhance its ability to reach its audiences, and build national momentum for STEM education. Potential partnership activities are varied, and NASA is receptive to a wide range of creative possibilities.

NASA intends to release an announcement of opportunity to participate in the Summer of Innovation project two times per year.

The first announcement was released on Aug. 2, 2010 and the response date was September 10, 2010. NASA conducted an informational conference for prospective respondents on Aug. 17, 2010.

Please continue to check this website for information on the next announcement. You may also signup with NASA Express to receive email messages related to NASA's Education program, including Summer of Innovation.

>  View Aug. 2, 2010 Announcement of Opportunity (PDF)
>  View Aug. 17, 2010 Teleconference Presentation Slides (PDF)
>  View FAQs as of Aug. 18, 2010 (PDF)
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Questions or comments may be directed to: SoIPartners@nasa.gov.