Summer of Innovation Network

SoI 2013 Mini-Awards

2013 Summer of Innovation Mini Awards

Organizations can apply for funding to integrate SoI themes and content into existing summer or after school programs.

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Summer of Innovation Network

NASA's third annual Summer of Innovation project is underway. The project is providing hands-on learning opportunities for middle school students and educators through NASA-unique science, technology, engineering and mathematics educational activities during the summer school break. SoI is a key component of the agency's broader education program to increase student interest in STEM courses, particularly among those in underserved sectors of the academic community.

SoI 2012 is multi-faceted and features a variety of engagement activities offered by NASA's 10 centers located across the country. SoI 2012 also will continue several STEM summer programs developed by NASA's national SoI partners during 2010 and 2011.

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