A cartoon of an airplane coloring in a coloring book Adventures in Aeronautics Coloring Book
F.A. ("Fly A") Plane takes its young friends on an exciting adventure through the world of aviation to learn about different kinds of aircraft and careers. A downloadable file in English also features additional learning games and puzzles.
      A cartoon airplane and threechildren Adventures in Aeronautics Storybook
Download this colorful story of F.A. ("Fly A") Plane and its young friends as they explore different aspects of flight and types of careers associated with aviation. The storybook is available in English, Spanish and Chinese.
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>  Spanish Storybook
>  Chinese Storybook

Aero Adventure Activity Book Aero Adventure Activity Book
This 52-page activity book offers a variety of games that show how an alphabet letter can be related to an aeronautics concept and basic aeronautics terms.
      An airport Johnny's Airport Adventure
This storyboard book introduces K-4 students to airport and aircraft terminology, including the identification of various engine types. The accompanying role-playing story takes children on a pretend trip to the airport and then on an airplane from Cleveland, Ohio, to San Diego, Calif.

The Air We Breathe The Air We Breathe Picture Book
This colorful picture book is designed to introduce Earth's atmosphere and its importance to life on Earth. It's appropriate for students in grades K-4.