Interactive Features
Alien Safari Alien Safari
Discover some of the most extreme organisms on our planet, and find out what they are telling astrobiologists about the search for life beyond Earth.
      Mars Be a Martian
Participate as citizen scientists to improve Martian maps, take part in research tasks and assist Mars science teams studying data about the Red Planet!

Cartoon of a girl sitting in a lunar habitat Build a Moon Habitat!
Use a newspaper to build your lunar home.
      Guinea-Bissau Earth as Art
Explore our world through the art of satellite imagery from NASA satellites.

PA-1 Launch Abort System Experience Pad Abort-1
Learn about the mission, feel the g-forces of pad abort or explore your desktop with MyAstronaut.
      A cartoon drawing of a girl in front of an airplane Future Flight Design
This web-based interactive learning experience invites students to address challenges facing the air transportation system or aircraft design.

Mars Science Laboratory rover Mars Photosynth
Get to know the Mars Science Laboratory rover by exploring this 3-D Photosynth of the rover in the JPL Mars Yard.
      A plane parked at an airport NASA Aeronautics Research Onboard
Did you know that NASA is with you when you fly? This online interactive presentation identifies technologies and knowledge that NASA researchers have contributed to commercial jetliners, general aviation aircraft, military aircraft and rotorcraft during the past few decades.

An astronaut in the cockpit of the space shuttle NASA Explorer Schools to Talk With Crew in Orbit
Watch students from NASA Explorer Schools nationwide chat with the STS-132 crew and space station Flight Engineer Tracy Caldwell Dyson.
      Sky Spy Safari Sky Spy Safari
Take a stroll through the cosmos using a planisphere and gaze at images taken by NASA's great observatories.

A section of the STS-132 Mission Patch STS-132: Atlantis
Meet the crew; view the payload; and read a summary of this mission.
      Sun-Earth Viewer Sun-Earth Viewer
Watch real-time NASA satellite images of the sun and Earth. Explore and compare solar and terrestrial data from a variety of NASA missions.

An etched gold cover for a disc The Golden Record
Voyager 1 is carrying a message to anyone or anything out in space.
      Four different spacesuits The NASA Spacesuit
Explore the personal spacecraft of astronauts, from the silver suit of the Mercury 7 to the "pumpkin suit" of shuttle astronauts.

Earth Visible Earth
A searchable directory of images, visualizations and animations of Earth.
      A collage of 4 vertical images of objects in space What's in Space?
Read this interactive storybook about the mysterious objects in space.