Be a Martian Be a Martian
Become a citizen scientist and improve Martian maps, take part in research tasks and assist Mars science teams studying data about the Red Planet.
      To Infinity and Beyond Buzz Lightyear To Infinity and Beyond!
Help Buzz Lightyear with his space mission, play memory games and more!

A polar bear Climate Kids
Get our planet's health report, find out about the greenhouse effect and learn how you can help our planet.
      An Ion engine Design an Ion Engine
Ion engines can help spacecraft travel great distances with relatively little power. Find out how they work and build your own engine.

Earth with satellite orbits drawn around it Eyes on the Earth 3D
Fly alongside NASA satellites in 3-D and learn what these satellites tell us about Earth.
      Go Green! Game screen Go Green!
Go where you need to go, while being gentle with the environment.

Earth with satellites orbiting How Do You Help Earth?
How do you and your family help planet Earth? See what others are doing too!
      An alien, satellite, rocket and girl JPL Virtual Field Trip
How do we talk to spacecraft? What does our rover lab look like? Take a tour of JPL to learn how we use robots to explore space.

Console for the Missions to Planet Earth card game Missions to Planet Earth
It's you versus the computer in a competition to plan five NASA Earth missions.
      Front page of the NASA Kids' Club shows big screens and computer monitors with links to games and stories NASA Kids' Club
Games and activities to challenge your mind.

Photon Pile-up game Photon Pile-up
Spin the Galex telescope to collect three photons of the same color.
      Console for Planet Families Planet Families
Try to build the perfect solar system.

Earth with clouds and sunshine in the background PlanetQuest Games
Join the hunt for Earth-like planets with PlanetQuest's games and interactives.
      An assortment of images on a black background Sorting the Universe
Put things back into correct categories.

NASA Space Place Space Place
Play games, watch animations and do projects that teach you about Earth, space and technology.
      Station Spacewalk Game Station Spacewalk
NASA's new Station Spacewalk Game gives players the experience of what it's like to work outside a spacecraft.

Inside a futuristic space ship Welcome to Mars
Play games that help you explore Mars and learn about missions that study the Red Planet.