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Lesson Title: Reaction Rates
May 11, 2012

Unit: Physical Science - Properties of Matter

Grade Levels: 4-6

Connection To Curriculum: Science

Teacher Prep Time: 10 minutes

Lesson Time Needed: 1 hour

Complexity Basic

Keywords: chemical reactions, antacid, gas, liquid


Antacid tablets (two per test)
Two beakers (or glass or plastic jars)
Tweezers or forceps
Scrap paper
Watch or clock with second hand
Small block of wood
Rock salt
Table salt

A whole antacid tablet and a crushed tablet are added to separate beakers of water so that their relative reaction rates can be compared.

Students will:
• Discover conditions that make a reaction proceed faster or slower.
• Demonstrate how increasing the surface area of a chemical increases its reaction rate.

First page of Reaction Rates

Lesson Guide
Lesson Guide
Reaction Rates Lesson
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Lesson Activities and Sequence
Antacid Tablet Race
Students explore factors affecting reaction rates.
Keywords: chemical reactions, antacid, reaction rates, gas, liquid

National Standards:

National Science Education Standards, NSTA
Physical Science
• Properties and changes in properties of matter.

Science and Technology
• Abilities of technological design.
• Understanding science and technology.


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