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Lesson Title: Have Seed Will Travel
May 11, 2012

Unit: Life Science - Plants

Grade Levels: 4-6

Connection To Curriculum: Science

Teacher Prep Time: 1-2 hours to gather seeds

Lesson Time Needed: 1 hour

Complexity Basic

Keywords: adaptation, survival, plants


Activity sheet per student or group
Enough of the following seed types for each group or individual to work with: acorn, maple, sticktight, dandelion, burr, coconut, peach, milkweed, apple, pine

This lesson introduces students to the concept of adaption to increase an organism's ability to survive.

Students will:
• Compare plants unique adaptations to reproducing in their environment.

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Lesson Guide
Have Seed Will Travel Lesson
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Lesson Activities and Sequence

SciFiles Guide: The Case of the Habitable Habitat
Have Seed Will Travel
Activity illustrates how plants use a variety of seed distribution methods in order to reproduce and colonize other locations.
Keywords: adaptation, survival, plants

National Standards:

National Science Education Standards, NSTA
Science and Technology
• Abilities to distinguish between natural objects and objects made by humans.
Life Science
• Characteristics of organisms.
• Organisms and environments.
• Diversity and adaptations of organisms.
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
• Characteristics and changes in populations.
• Changes in environments.
Science as Inquiry
• Understanding of scientific concepts.
• Skills necessary to become independent inquirers about the natural world.


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