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Lesson Title: Space Rocks! A Giant Meteorite Board Game
May 11, 2012

Unit: Earth and Space Science - Year of the Solar System

Grade Levels: 4-6

Connection To Curriculum: Science

Teacher Prep Time: 1 hour

Lesson Time Needed: 1 hour

Complexity Basic

Keywords: meteoroid, meteor, meteor showers, games, simulations, asteroids


Copy of the Space Rocks Game Board
Colored markers
Several large pieces of poster board
Wide cellophane tape
One die per child
Game rules and answers for parents
One copy of the answer sheet per team
One token for each player

This is a board game. Students assume the roles of meteorites and play a giant board game to learn about meteors, meteoroids and meteorites. They compete to get to Antarctica, where they have the chance to be found and studied by scientists!

Students will:
• Investigate the difference between a meteoroid, meteor, meteorite, asteroid and comet.
• Compare and contrast the characteristics of meteorites and Earth rocks.
• Explore what happens to a meteoroid as it moves from outer space to the Earth's surface.

First page of Space Rocks!

Lesson Guide
Space Rocks Lesson
[101KB PDF file]



Lesson Activities and Sequence
Space Rocks! A Meteorite Game
Keywords: meteoroid, meteor, meteor showers, games, simulations, asteroids

National Standards:

National Science Education Standards, NSTA
Earth and Space Science
• Properties of Earth materials.
• Objects in the sky.
• Changes in the Earth and sky.

Science as Inquiry
• An appreciation of "how we know" what we know of science.
• Understanding of scientific concepts.


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