Theme: Robots Explore
Activity Description Time Required STEM Field(s) Recommended for 1 Day Event
On the Moon Educator Guide: Heavy Lifter Build a robotic crane to lift a payload between levels. 1 hr STE  
On The Moon Educator Guide: On Target Construct a Zip-line payload delivery system. 1 hr STE  
On the Moon Educator Guide: Roving on the Moon Build a rubber-band-powered lunar rover. 1 hr STE  
Buzz Lightyear Connect It Educational Worksheet Students guide Buzz Lightyear to the space shuttle using x-y coordinates. 1 hr STEM  
Space Place: Make a Balloon Powered Nanorover Build a rover from cardboard and powered by a balloon. 1.5 hrs STE  √ 
NASA BEST (middle school module): Activity 1 -- Build a Satellite to Orbit the Moon!  → Build a model satellite probe p. 13. 1 hr STE  
Robotics Lesson Plans: Rover Races Design and execute a series of commands to guide a human rover. 3 hrs STE  
NASA BEST (middle school module): Activities 3-5 Design a Lunar Transport Rover!, Design a Landing Pod!, Landing the Rover!  → Using household materials, design and build a rover and lander; then test and redesign p. 38. 3 hrs STE  
Edible Mars Rover Build a rover that you can eat. 1 hr TE  
Robotics Lesson Plans: "Out of Sight" Remote Vehicle Activity Control a rover that is not visible to the operator. 2 hrs STE  
Robotic Arm End Effector  → Construct a robotic end effecter from styrofoam cups p. 17. 1 hr STE  √ 
Other Resources        
Digital Learning Network Videoconferencing module focusing on robotics and delivered by a NASA educator. 0.5 - 1 hr    
Teach from Space Kits/Guides (CORE) Robotics Science and Technology Module (DVD) Kit designed to explore robotic principles with low-tech objects and toys. 1 hr    
Kids' Club Robotic Arm Activity: Buzz Lightyear Connected Space shuttle- and International Space Station-related games featuring Buzz Lightyear.     computer
Space Operations Learning Center Students complete training, pass a test to get a printable certificate, and run a mission in one of four topics including communications, flight dynamics, information processing and mission operations.     computer

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