Theme: 3, 2, 1, Liftoff - Rocketry
Activity Description Time Required STEM Field(s) Recommended for 1 Day Event
Hero Pop Can Engine Build a spinning engine by directing the force of water as it leaves holes in a soda can. 1 hr SEM  √ 
3…2…1 Puff Build and launch straw rockets. 1 hr SEM  √ 
Heavy Lifting Use balloons to raise a cargo to the ceiling. 1.5 hrs SEM  
Newton Car Use Newton's laws of motion to build a reaction engine car. 2 hrs SEM  
Rocket Races Build and race balloon-powered cars. 2 hrs SEM  
Pop! Rockets and Pop! Rocket Launcher Directions Build a "stomp" rocket launcher out of a 2-liter soda bottle and launch paper rockets. 1-2 hrs SEM  
Foam Rocket Build and launch a rubber-band- powered foam rocket. 1.5 hrs SEM  √ 
High-Power Paper Rockets, High-Power Paper Rocket Launcher Directions, and Launch Altitude Tracker Launch rockets using an electric air pump or bicycle pump. 2-3 hrs SEM  √ 
Rocket Wind Tunnel and Advanced High-Power Paper Rockets Build a working wind tunnel and use it to help validate rocket designs. 3-4 hrs SEM  
Water Rocket Launcher Directions, Water Rocket Construction, and Project X-51 Design and build a water rocket from 2-liter bottles following the engineering design process NASA uses. 4-6 hrs SEM  
Build a Bubble-Powered Rocket Launch antacid-powered rockets. 1-2 hrs SEM  
Balloon Staging Build a two-stage rocket with balloons. 1 hr SEM  √ 
The Parachuting Egg Design a parachute recovery for an eggstronaut. 1 hr SEM   

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