Theme: Discover Mother Earth and Father Sky
Activity Description Time Required STEM Field(s) Recommended for 1 Day Event
Investigating Climate Systems Investigate the impact landforms, colors and moisture have on weather and climate. 3 hrs STM  
GLOBE Atmospheric Protocols  → Investigate temperature, cloud cover and precipitation. 3 hrs STEM  
GLOBE Phrenology Protocols  → Investigate local plants and land usage. 3 hrs STEM  
GLOBE Hydrology Protocols  → Take measurements to investigate quality of a local water body. 3 hrs STEM  
S'Cool Gather ground truth measurements of clouds to compare the surface- and space-based observations to learn more about clouds and climate. 1 hr ST  
Meteorology Educator Guide Chapter 3: Surface Color and Effect of Temperature Change  → Investigation of surface color effect on temperature change. 1 hr ST  
Meteorology Educator Guide Chapter 7: Does Air Have Weight? Investigate air pressure and mass. 1 hr SM  
Meteorology Educator Guide Chapter 8: Can You Show That the Temperature of Air Has an Effect on Its Weight and Its Direction of Vertical Movement? Open inquiry to develop experiment investigating links between temperature and air movement. 1 hr STEM  
Meteorology Educator Guide: Tornado in a Box Build and use a demonstrator showing the formation of tornadoes. 2 hrs STEM  
Count Your Lucky Stars Sample a star field to estimate the number of stars in the universe. 1 hr SM  
Globe at Night Light Pollution Star Count  → Make observations of the night sky, report data and compare results. 1 hr STM  
Earth at Night Poster -- activities on the back Use satellite imagery of Earth at night and geographical knowledge to determine where we choose to live and why. 1 hr STM  
Planetary Geology: Exercise Seven -- The Coriolis Effect Demonstrate the true and apparent motions of objects as they move across the real Earth. 1 hr S  
Elements & You Explore how elements link us to the stars and the universe. 1 hr SM  
Space Weather Action Centers Track a solar storm and make predictions for a Space Weather Report. 4 hrs ST  
Cycles in the Cards Explore the ideas of "life" cycle and transformation inherent in the scientific concept of stellar evolution, and learn about the essential "properties" of the four sacred directions as told in a Navajo creation story. 1 hr S  √ 
Moving With the Stars Promote kinesthetic, experiential learning. Through movement, weave together the concepts of star formation, "we are made of starstuff," and the Diné Life Standards (courtesy of Diné College). 0.5 hr S  √ 
Gemstone Constellations Explore the Navajo story of First Man and First Woman creating the Navajo star patterns comparable to western constellations. 1 hr S  √ 
Stories in the Sky Examine the idea that constellations and star patterns exist in the sky and represent ideas. 1 hr S  √ 
Space Rocks! A Meteorite Game  → Online audio of a Native American tale followed by game board activity. Reinforces understanding of the origins of meteors, meteoroids, and meteorites, as well as their characteristics and importance, while tackling some common misconceptions. 0.5-1 hr S  √ 
Drawing Conclusions About Moon Faces  → Children listen to and retell the Native American tale of "The Girl Who Married the Moon" to reinforce their understanding of why we see different phases of our moon. 0.5-1 hr S  √ 
Sun-Earth Connections  → Explore how our sun came to be and why it shines; how our sun impacts us individually and as a society. Creates illustrations to demonstrate them. 1 hr S  √ 
The Heat Is On  → Listen to the online audio Native American tale to explore how our sun came to be and why it shines. Investigate the influence of our sun as a heat source and develop an understanding that different materials store thermal energy with different levels of efficiency. 1 hr S  
Amazing Rays  → Explore light and heat as different components of the sun's energy. 1 hr S  
A Leap of Space  → Students listen to the online audio Native American tale and the science story about galaxies. Children explore how smaller systems exist within larger systems as they build a collage of their place in space. 1 hr S  
Star Master Viewer  → Students listen to the online audio Native American tale and the science story of our constellations. Young stargazers create a StarMaster Viewer and StarCards to explore the constellations. 1 hr S  √ 
Hopping Across the Solar System  → Learn about the relative distances of objects in our solar system in this outdoor activity. Communicate the Native American story and the science story of how our Earth formed. 1 hr SM  √ 
Ancient Observatories, Timeless Knowledge Series of activities designed to help students make connections between events in their life and the seasons of the year. 1-2 hrs SM  
Other Resources        
Native American Rap Video Native American Rap Video made to encourage Native American students to study STEM. The online version may be downloaded or DVD copy requested from 0.5 hrs STEM  √ 
A Pathway to the Stars Bookmark for Native American students may be requested from      
Exploring Mother Earth and Father Sky poster Copies of Native Americans who work at NASA poster can be requested from      
World Wind Global mapping program that incorporates NASA Earth Observing System data.   ST computer
Earth+ Makes NASA satellite photos and data accessible to blind students.   ST computer
Astroventure Explore what makes a world inhabitable.   ST computer
Traditions of the Sun  → Virtual exploration of Chaco Canyon.   STM computer

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