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NASA STEM Challenges 2013: Overview

NASA has developed unique STEM challenges based upon real mission data and experiences that occur during human and robotic exploration of the solar system.

  • Challenges are designed for grades 5-8.
  • Educators may attend NASA training for each challenge.
  • Students may participate in live connections with NASA scientists and engineers to support the development of their designs.
  • Students will create a brief video showcasing their response to the challenge and submit the video for review.
  • NASA will select student submissions to highlight in a culminating live Web event.

Each challenge comes with an educator guide, videos and resources to help educators conduct the challenges and engage the students.

Three boxes with images, titles and descriptions of the challenges Spaced Out Sports, Parachuting Onto Mars and NASA Exploration Design Challenge
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Sites interested in participating in this pilot must meet the following guidelines.

  • Have access to adequate technology resources and reliable Web access to create and upload student videos for submission.
  • Participate in the associated training and preparation.
  • Complete challenge activities.
  • Participate in one live student event.
  • Submit a minimum of three student entries.
  • Participate in the evaluation.
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