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  • Active Response Gravity Offload System

    NES Video Chat: Engineering Human Space Exploration -- ARGOS

    09.27.11 - On Sept. 27, 2011, Larry Dungan answered student questions about how NASA simulates the microgravity environments of the moon and Mars for research purposes using an overhead crane system named the Active Response Gravity Offload System, or ARGOS. A video or transcript will be available at a later time.

  • Lin Chambers

    NES Video Chat: How Clouds Affect Our Weather and Climate

    08.25.11 - On Aug. 25, 2011, NES held a video chat with Lin Chambers. Chambers is an atmospheric scientist studying the effect of clouds on Earth's radiation budget. She will answer student questions about the role of clouds in the Earth's energy and water cycles, and the benefits of participating in real-world atmospheric research through the S'COOL Project. A video or transcript of this chat will be available at a later time.

  • Timothy Livengood

    NES Video Chat: The Reason for the Seasons

    06.10.11 - NASA Explorer Schools was joined by Dr. Timothy Livengood for a special NASA Explorer Schools video chat, "The Reason for the Seasons," on June 21, 2011. A recording or transcript of the video chat will be posted at a later time.

  • Zareh Gorjian sitting at a desk with a cat on his lap

    NES Video Chat: Computer Graphics and Animations

    05.24.11 - On June 2, 2011, NASA Explorer schools held a live video chat with Zareh Gorjian for a look at NASA's computer graphics area. A video or transcript of this video chat will be available at a later time.

  • Fully functional, 1/6th scale model of the JWST mirror in optics testbed.

    NES Video Chat: The Big Bang, The Milky Way and More!

    05.17.11 - NES welcomed Nobel Prize winner Dr. John C. Mather for a video webchat. He spoke about the James Webb Space Telescope and how it will give us a look into the past to see how galaxies have formed since the Big Bang. A recording of this video webchat is now available.

  • Sam Ortega

    NES Video Chat: Building and Testing Solid Fuel Rocket Motors

    04.13.11 - NASA Explorer Schools invited K-12 students across the United States to chat with NASA civil engineer Sam Ortega, Program Manager of Centennial Challenge on April 19, 2011. Ortega answered questions about building and testing solid fuel rocket motors and being a civil engineer at NASA. A recording of this video chat is available for viewing.

  • NASA panel experts talking with a group of students.

    NES Video Chat: Focus on Your Future

    05.06.11 - Live from the 2011 NES National Student Symposium at Kennedy Space Center - a panel of NASA scientists, engineers and specialists answered student questions about careers at NASA during a 45-minute chat session. Students attending the symposium and those watching through the Web submitted questions to specific panelists or to the panel in general. A transcript of the chat will be posted at a later time.

  • Space launch System artist concepts

    NASA Announces Design for New Deep Space Exploration System

    New heavy-lift launch vehicle for human exploration beyond Earth's orbit. Log in to the Virtual Campus to find related classroom resources.

  • A woman in a wet suit in a tank of water

    NES Chat: Aquarius Habitat -- Analog to the International Space Station

    03.01.11 - The NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations program sends groups of NASA employees and contractors to live in Aquarius, an underwater laboratory, for up to three weeks at a time. NEEMO crew members experience some of the same tasks and challenges underwater as they would in space. NES invited K-12 students across the United States to chat with Dr. Tara Ruttley, the first engineer aquanaut, in a live video webchat. A video of this chat is available.

  • Four students

    The NES 2011-2012 School Year Has Officially Begun!

    We hope you'll join us for the new school year as we continue to offer NASA-inspired resources for your STEM classroom.