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  • Teachers engage in actual scientific investigations in a microgravity environment

    NES Teachers Selected for 2011 School Recognition Award

    Teachers to put science to the test in a microgravity environment aboard the agency’s reduced gravity aircraft.

  • Josh Willis

    NES Video Chat: Sea Level Rise

    01.25.12 - NASA Explorer Schools held a live video chat on Jan. 25, 2012 with Josh Willis who answered questions about sea level rise and global climate change.

  • Bill Cooke

    NES Video Chat: Let's Talk About Meteors, Meteorites and Comets

    01.12.12 - NES held a video webchat Jan 12, 2012 with Dr. Bill Cooke and Rhiannon Blaauw. They answered questions about meteors, meteorites and comets and their potential danger to spacecraft.

  • Spitzer/Infrared Array Camera

    NES Video Chat: Space Junk

    12.13.11 - Danielle Margiotta joined NES on Dec. 13, 2011 and answered student questions about how NASA engineers prepare satellites to endure the harsh environment of space.

  • Zareh Gorjian sitting at a desk with a cat on his lap

    NES Video Chat: Computer Graphics and Animations

    11.23.11 - NASA Explorer Schools held a video chat on Nov. 23, 2011 with Zareh Gorjian for a look at NASA's computer graphics area.

  • Jim Adams

    NES Video Chat: Year of the Solar System

    11.03.11 - On Nov. 3, 2011, NASA's Deputy Director of Planetary Science, Jim Adams answered student questions about NASA's recent planetary mission discoveries and upcoming launches. Adams discussed his career path and some of the most rewarding moments in his 22-year career with NASA.

  • Felix Soto Toro

    NES Video Chat: Honoring Hispanic Heritage: From Puerto Rico to America's Spaceport

    10.13.11 - In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Dr. Félix Soto Toro joined NES on Oct. 13, 2011, for our first live bilingual video chat. Students asked questions of this astronaut applicant and electrical engineer and found out what it was like for Soto to grow up in Barrio Amelia Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, with few advantages. They also learned what inspired him to pursue a career with NASA. A video or transcript of this chat will be posted at a later time.

  • Collage of pictures of two women and a bubble with the word Chat

    NES Chat: Microbial Girls in a Microbial World

    02.17.11 - Being a scientist doesn't always mean spending your days in a lab. For NASA microbial ecologists, going to work might mean climbing aboard a research vessel, or collecting marine and soil samples in the Andes, Mexico, or even in Europe and Africa! Students were able to find out what it's like to hunt microbes around the globe with Angela Detweiler and Dr. Lee Bebout. Chat transcripts are now available.

  • Collage of pictures of three women and the word Chat in a text bubble

    NES Video Chat: Women at NASA

    03.29.11 - The NES project invited all K-12 students to participate in a one-hour-long NASA career panel video webchat on March 29, 2011. This year's panelists were three outstanding women who have chosen to pursue careers in science and engineering. A transcript and/or video will be posted at a later time.

  • Curiosity

    NES Video Chat: Robots Digging Up Martian Geology

    10.05.11 - On Oct. 5, 2011, NES held a video chat with Paulo Younse. Younse is a robotics engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and answered student questions about a career as a robotics engineer, robot technology, what scientists already have learned about the geology of Mars, and what they are hoping to learn from the soon-to-launch Mars rover named Curiosity. A video or transcript of the chat will be posted at a later time.