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NASA Education

NASA Education

Visit the NASA Education Web site. You’ll discover a wealth of information including a list of current opportunities; education related feature stories; and contact information for project representatives.

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Support to Projects

    NASA eEducation supports the educational technology needs of all divisions of NASA's Office of Education and Mission Directorates. By engaging American students in ways that are familiar and meaningful to them we can efficiently facilitate student entry and retention in STEM fields of study.

    Virtual Worlds Services

      NASA Learning Technologies provides technology support to NASA projects wishing to extend their education and outreach activities to 3D virtual worlds like Second Life, ActiveWorlds, and others. If you're thinking of expanding your program to include virtual worlds, please contact the LT project office to receive information on our services.

      Virtual Worlds Experience

      Our Learning Technologies team has been integrating NASA content and innovative technologies since 1992. We are currently leading NASA's entry into and effective use of 3D virtual worlds like Second Life for education and outreach.
      • -- We are active educational mentors in Teen Second Life, and are currently the only NASA Education presence in Teen Second Life.
      • -- We have established a virtual Educator Resource Center at eEducation Island and are facilitating use of Second Life by the Central Operation of Resources for Educators and the NASA Digital Learning Network.
      • -- We manage NASA eEducation Island and hold leadership positions in the SciLands region.
      • -- We provide space, support, and consulting for education projects wishing to use Second Life.
      • -- We are researching other virtual world platforms that may be more suitable for some projects.
      • -- Our team members sit on various boards and working groups, including: the Kira Institute, the Meta Institute for Computational Astrophysics Advisory Council, the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, the Virtual Worlds Advisory Board, the Association of Virtual Worlds and the NASA Immersive Synthetic Environments Research Group.

    Other Services

      LT provides consulting services to NASA education and outreach projects on the uses of the latest technologies in education and outreach.

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