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Learn more about NASA's eEducation Program

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NASA Education

NASA Education

Visit the NASA Education Web site. You’ll discover a wealth of information including a list of current opportunities; education related feature stories; and contact information for project representatives.

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    Educational Games

      LT will be identifying internal subject matter experts to work on the Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond project.

    Education in Virtual Worlds

    • -- LT conducts NASA educational activities in Teen Second Life at NASA INSPIRE Island, Eye4You Alliance and Ramapo Island. Building competitions, career fairs and more activities are available.
    • -- LT is developing NASA eEducation Island   → on Second Life's main grid. There are opportunities for educators and adult students to get involved during development and as new NASA Education Projects come to the island.

    Accessibility in Virtual Worlds

    • -- The Learning Technologies Information Accessibility Lab is collaborating with several groups researching and testing methods of making virtual worlds accessible to the blind.
    • -- Researchers and developers working in this area may apply for membership in our Virtual Worlds Accessibilities Lab Group   → .

    Commercial and Open Source Software Development

    • -- LT has several Open Source software applications that are licensable under the NASA Open Source Agreement.
    • -- Commercial licensing of our products can be done on a case by case basis. Please contact the technical office for more information on individual product licensing, or visit NASA's Innovative Partnerships Program site.

    Higher Education

    • -- NASA's work in virtual worlds and gaming is opening up new avenues for collaboration between Learning Technologies and the Higher Education community. Please contact the project office to discuss your ideas for collaboration or for having your students contribute to LT projects.
    • -- LT Higher Ed internships or other opportunities will be posted here as they arise.


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07.06.10 Moonbase Alpha Game Released
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