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Learn more about NASA's eEducation Program

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NASA Education

NASA Education

Visit the NASA Education Web site. You’ll discover a wealth of information including a list of current opportunities; education related feature stories; and contact information for project representatives.

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  • EarthPlus display of hurricane tracking chart

    Earth+  →

    Map hurricanes, explore NASA satellite images and more with this software that is accessible to the visually-impaired.

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  • MathTrax graphs

    MathTrax  →

    View 2D graphs in new ways with this software that is accessible to the visually impaired.

  • Virtual Lab electron microscope view of a bug

    Virtual Lab  →

    Use a virtual electron-microscope and other high-tech virtual lab instruments in 3D.

  • World Wind view of large desert sandstorm viewed on the 3D globe

    World Wind  →

    Explore Earth’s geography, geology and more with this global 3D viewer.

  • SVS 3D Earth satellite imagery

    Scientific Visualization Studio  →

    View animation sequences of NASA satellite imagery and access the animation data with the SVS Image Server.

  • MDE Text Description - The graph of the equation is a line.

    Math Description Engine  →

    Use this software development kit to create alternative graph descriptions on the fly.

  • Virtual Field Trip showing video from Australia test site

    Planetary Learning Suite  →

    Take a Virtual Field Trip to Mars-analog sites, compare planets with What’s The Difference multimedia software, and learn how math works in the real world with Moon Math.

Virtual Worlds

  • Tour at eEducation Island in Second Life

    Second Life  →

    LT supports NASA education activities in Second Life and Teen Second Life.

  • Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond Promo

    MMO Game  →

    Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond game coming soon.

  • Testing a virtual guide dog in Second Life

    Accessibility Research

    LT is working with partners to ensure that virtual worlds can be accessed by the visually impaired.

Feature Stories