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NASA Education

NASA Education

Visit the NASA Education Web site. You’ll discover a wealth of information including a list of current opportunities; education related feature stories; and contact information for project representatives.

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About LT

    Learning Technologies Software Tools

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    Applied Research

    Learning Technologies is NASA’s educational-technology incubator providing:

    • -- funded research and development opportunities
    • -- innovative technology tools for the classroom and
    • -- applied technology services for NASA education programs.

    The cornerstone of our research and development is combining advanced educational technologies with NASA content, producing learning tools that engage and inspire today’s tech-savvy students.

    The products that result from our research must:

    • -- facilitate learning
    • -- complement standard curricula in science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, teaching
    • -- be usable in today’s learning environments and
    • -- be engaging as well as educational.

    Working with our academic and industry partners, our prototypes are evaluated and improved until they are classroom-ready.

    The source code for many LT software products is licensable to academia or industry for further research, development or commercialization.