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DLN Special Events

Special Events are interactive activities and/or web casts that are not a part of our regular catalog and are usually geared toward students. You and your students will be able to talk to and learn from NASA astronauts, scientists, engineers, and other NASA employees. Registration requirements for these events are included with the announcements below. For classes that are not able to register for an interactive Special Event, many of these are webcast on the DLiNfo Channel located on our homepage. In moste cases, questions may be submitted through email or chat during events. Check back here regularly to see what we have to offer!


Do It Again: The Four Forces of Flight
Grade Levels: 4-8

Dr. DoIt demonstrates aeronautics concepts...

Glenn Research Center Special Events
Grade Levels: K-12

Direct from a NASA Aeronautics Center...

Students' Cloud Observations On-Line (S'COOL)

Grade Levels: K-12

 Special Event from the Langley Research Center's DLN...


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