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NASA's Digital Learning Network provides free, interactive video- and web-conferencing events for educators interested in enhancing their STEM classes by connecting directly with NASA education specialists and subject matter experts. Register for and schedule lessons in our catalog of events.    We also feature live webcasts on the DLiNfo Channel from our 10 DLN studios.  Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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Announcements and Opportunities:

Patricia Moore, former DLN Education Specialist at Johnson Space Center has moved on to another position with NASA. Farewell to Patricia Moore


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July 11th,  11:30-12:45 EDT:  Come join the Texas High School Aerospace Scholars (HAS) celebrate their many achievements as they participate in a Closing Ceremony and 15th Anniversary Celebration on Friday, July 11th at 10:30am CT.  This live webcast event will be the culmination of their work and learning experiences gained through preliminary interactive web-based activities, distance learning, and a residential experienced at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, TX.  Special guest speaker Kirk Shireman, JSC Deputy Center Director, will provide encouraging and inspiring words during the event. 

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Get your students’ heads in the clouds!  Register your class for Student Cloud Observations On-Line, S’COOL, where students play the role of scientists studying the impact clouds have on our atmosphere. Students learn how to generate real-time data as cloud observers and report their observations on-line to assist NASA with validating the CERES satellite instrument.  Teachers may request to participate in this special event by emailing Sarah Crecelius at sarah.a.crecelius@nasa.gov. Limited connections available. Learn more about S’COOL and how to register here. 

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