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1. Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash LogoThe DLiNfo Channel requires Adobe Flash.  If the webcast stream does not appear, download the Flash plugin at the following website:  www.adobe.com

2. Vidyo

NASA Desktop Mobile VitsA DLN Education Specialist or Scheduler may indicate that you can connect using Vidyo.  This is a new desktop videoconferencing application that NASA has adopted for use in communicating internally and externally.  You will be provided a link to an online Vidyo room.  When you click on the link, you will need to acknowledge that you understand the guidelines.  This will take you to a sign in page where you will enter your name in the guest field.  For first time user, you will be asked to download the Vidyo Desktop Application.  It does not take very long.  Refresh the login page and you should see the Vidyo Room where your event will take place.  The host of the event will show you how to use the tools.

Download - Install and Use Instructions

3.  ConferenceMe

This is a PC-only videoconferencing application that will allow you to join one of our events using a webcam on your computer or laptop.  You will be given a link to put in your browser.  You will see your conference name show up.  Follow the directions to download the Conference Me application. 

Download - Install Instructions

Download - Conference Me Port Information

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