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About the Digital Learning Network™

Delivering interactive instruction in support of Long-term retention of knowledge as only NASA can. (DLN)


NASA's Digital Learning Network™ began in the spring of 2003 with three sites and expanded during the following 3 years to include all 10 NASA field centers. The DLN has reached close to 1 million students and teachers with videoconferences and webcasts that feature NASA-related science, technology, engineering, and mathematics instruction. With standards-based IP videoconference systems and high-speed Internet connectivity, participants can take advantage of free interactive lessons and professional development events through distance learning technologies. The DLN:

  • * fosters the effective use of interactive instructional technologies through the delivery of NASA educational content for the benefit of its students and educators;
  • * promotes collaborative activities among its member sites in order to optimize learning experiences for its students and educators;
  • * encourages open communication among its member sites so that expectations, limitations, strengths, and weaknesses can be objectively addressed for mutual improvement and positive development;
  • * provides timely responses to internal and external inquiries about technical issues, content development and delivery, and event scheduling;
  • * encourages innovation and experimentation by its member sites with the expectation that instructional integrity is maintained and NASA educational goals and standards are upheld;
  • * strives to reach targeted populations associated with NASA distance learning initiatives that target under-served populations while providing access to appropriately equipped members of the general education community;
  • * participates in the development of an agency-wide infrastructure that makes use of existing and emerging interactive instructional technologies;
  • * contributes to the professional development of internal and external educators through the delivery of distance learning-based events.

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