DLN Overview & Program Showcase

Target Audience
  • Informal Educators
  • Educators: K-12
  • NASA Internal
  • Educators: Higher Ed
Hosting Center(s)


  • Glenn Research Center
  • Armstrong Flight Research Center
  • Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Langley Research Center
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Marshall Space Flight Center
Subject Category
  • Earth Science
  • Life Science / Biology
  • Physical Science
Unit Correlation
  • Exploring NASA Missions
  • Exploring Engineering and Technology
  • Exploring Space
  • Professional Development Programs
Grade Level
  • K-04
  • 05-08
  • 09-12
Minimum Delivery Time
  • 030 min(s)
Maximum Connection Time
  • 050 min(s)

Event Focus

What is NASA's Digital Learning Network, and how can it be used in my learning environment to provide interactive, NASA-related events and professional development opportunities?




This module is appropriate for video conference AND web conference presentation.


NASA's Digital Learning Network opens doors for interaction between NASA experts, education specialists, and students. We are pleased to offer a unique selection of learning events and challenges. Primarily a videoconference project, the DLN provides national standard-based educational modules relating to NASA four mission areas:  Aeronautics, Exploration Systems, Space Operations, and Science. This program is an overview of the events and opportunities available for students and teachers. Learn how the DLN can be used to bring engaging "as only NASA can" classroom modules, professional development, and special events to your classroom.


Instructional Objectives

Upon successful completion, the educator will be familiar with the types of educational events NASA's Digital Learning Network (DLN)offers, how the programs relate to their curriculum, and how to  use the DLN website  (dln.nasa.gov) toregister for and schedule events.


This DLN session can be scheduled individually,or as part of a school, district, or state professional development program.


Sequence of Events


Pre-Conference Activities


The participant should preview the Digital Learning Network website at:






Videoconference Activities


The videoconference introduces the participant to various learning modules through explanation, examples, and interactive discussion. NASA Education specialists explain the instructional objectives, format, and unique aspects of various DLN events.  Navigation through the dln website may also be a part of the overview.


Post-Conference Activities


The participant will be encouraged to register for events through the Digital Learning Network (DLN) website.




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