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NASA Cooperative Education Program
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The NASA Cooperative Education Program is open to doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students from the United States. As co-ops, students alternate semesters at school with semesters at NASA centers. Students work in paid positions directly related to their field of study. A few of the benefits of participating in the project are:

--Enhanced academic knowledge.
--A diverse, paid work experience.
--Applied classroom theory in a practical, real-world environment.
--A great opportunity for full-time employment after graduation.

To be eligible for this project, students must:

--Be a U.S. citizen.
--Be available to work a minimum of three work terms at a NASA center prior to project completion.
--Be enrolled in their college/university cooperative education program.
--Have completed at least 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours of study.
--Be in good academic standing at their school.
--Meet the 2.9 minimum grade point average.

To be considered, students should apply through their university's co-op program office.

NASA Cooperative Education Program
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