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Educator Activities

  • Digital Learning Network

    Digital Learning Network  →

    Your students talk with NASA scientists and engineers via two-way video conference or webcast.

  • Teaching From Space

    Teaching From Space

    Out-of-this-world learning experiences for students and educators.

  • Virtual NASA

    Virtual NASA  →

    Educators and university students visit NASA eEducation Island in Second Life for a 3D immersive NASA experience.

  • NASA Volunteers

    NASA Volunteers

    NASA speakers, mentors, science fair judges and more at your service.

  • Space Center Houston

    Space Center Houston  →

    Take a field trip to Space Center Houston and tour NASA's Johnson Space Center. There are interactive exhibits, IMAX, Blast Off Theater and more for kids and adults of all ages. Students 14 and older can book a special “Level 9” behind-the-scenes tour of Johnson.

  • All Educator Programs

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