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Informal Education Program
April 10, 2009

[image-62]Education Beyond the Classroom

In our fast-changing world, people of all ages continue to seek knowledge and enrich their lives beyond the formal education environment of the classroom. NASA seeks to enhance the capabilities of the informal education community by providing access to NASA staff, research, technology, information and/ or facilities; with professional development opportunities for informal science educators; and by facilitating the formation of collaborative partnerships between the informal and formal education communities. The informal education community includes amateur astronomy groups, after-school programs, libraries, museums, science centers, planetaria, zoos, aquaria and community youth groups.

Informal Science Education provides stimulating experiences for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, learning outside of formal classroom environments through media, exhibits and community-based programming.

The Informal Education program area goals are to:
- Increase interest in and understanding of STEM disciplines by inspiring and engaging individuals of all ages;
- Establish linkages between informal and formal education; and
- Stimulate parents and others to support children's STEM learning endeavors by becoming informed proponents for high-quality, universally available STEM education.

Visit the Education Programs section to find opportunities for Informal Education.


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Girl with flight helmet on giving a thumbs up
Working closely with after-school program providers, NASA can engage a new generation of young people.
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