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Transformational Space (t/Space)
Transformational Space (t/Space) is developing an Earth-to-orbit system. Their Crew Transfer Vehicle (CXV) is designed to take crew to and from low Earth orbit. The CXV is based on the Discoverer and Corona capsules. It is designed to be piloted and reusable. The spacecraft and accompanying booster will be air launched and use liquid oxygen/propane and vapor pressure for fuel and oxidizer pressurization.

All missions are air-launched, which means t/Space flights will not be delayed by local weather conditions; the carrier aircraft simply flies to clear skies. The carrier aircraft also can fly across longitudes to match its release point with the desired orbit path. The ability to fly out east over the Atlantic also permits launches on southbound ISS passes in addition to northbound passes.

Following are sample images of the various phases in t/Space's Earth-to-orbit system.

t/Space Booster Fire After strap-on boosters fire, core takes over. Image Credit: t/Space
t/Space with 747 Spacecraft and booster released from 747. Image Credit: t/Space
t/Space Berthed to ISS CXV delivers separately launched cargo module to ISS. Image Credit: t/Space
t/Space Crew Transfer Vehicle CXV reaches orbit with second stage attached. Image Credit: t/Space
t/Space Crew Transfer Vehicle Landing Parachute landing into water. Image Credit: t/Space
t/Space Crew Return Crew compartment returns and other parts are expended. Image Credit: t/Space

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Original SAA Milestones

Milestone # Description Planned Date Approved Date
1 Structural Definition Oct 07
2 Facility Readiness Review Dec 07
3 System Design Review Mar 08
4 Carrier Aircraft Procurement Jun 08
5 TPS Jun 08
6 Booster Core Rocket Test Sep 08
7 Modified Carrier Aircraft Flight Test Sep 08
8 CXV Structural Tests Sep 08
9 Structural Test Article Pressure Integrity Dec 08
10 Parachute Test Dec 08
11 Wind Tunnel Tests Mar 09
12 CXV Crew Compartment #1 Delivery Mar 09
13 Weight Growth Mitigation Strategy Review Apr 09
14 Program Risk Analysis Review May 09
15 Launch Abort Review May 09
16 RCS Test Jun 09
17 Orbital Module Flight Test Article Delivery Jun 09
18 Booster Flight Test Article #1 Delivery Jun 09
19 CXV Flight Article Pressure Integrity Test Sep 09
20 Carrier Aircraft Tests Dec 09
21 CXV Suborbital Uncrewed Flight Test Dec 09
22 Flight Rules and Crew Training Products Mar 10
23 Booster Flight Test Article #2 Delivery Mar 10
24 Recovery Readiness Test Jun 10
25 Orbital Test Flight Oct 10
26 Orbital Piloted Test Flight Dec 10
27 Kickoff of Crew Transportation Development Dec 10
28 t/Space Human Rating Plan Review Jan 11
29 Human Rating Plan Ground Verification Feb 11
30 Crew Transportation Mission #1 Mar 11
31 Crew Transportation Mission #2 Jun 11