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COTS 2006 Demo Competition
COTS Six Semi-Finalist Names COTS Phase I, Round I Six Semi-finalist. Image Credit: NASA
NASA received 21 proposals from 20 companies across the full spectrum of the industry.

Six semi-finalists were selected by NASA, including: Andrews Space; Rocketplane-Kistler (RpK); SpaceDev; Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX); SPACEHAB; and Transformational Space Corp (t/Space).

From these six, NASA selected SpaceX, El Segundo, CA, and RpK, Oklahoma City, OK, for a directly funded Space Act Agreements (SAA) to develop and demonstrate commercial orbital transportation services.

Unfunded Space Act Agreements have been established or are in work for several other competitors. Some of these may still compete for the Phase 2 ISS Services contracts.

Round 1 Announcement