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Collaborative Opportunity and Technical Need Intake Form

Please complete the form below to post your opportunity or need on the NHHPC web site, or to submit for confidential evaluation by NASA.

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  Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Physiology   Cardiovascular   Neuroscience
  Exercise Physiology   Immunology   Pharmacotherapeutics
  Nutritional Biochemistry   Biostatistics    

  Water and Food Analytics   Microbiology

  Strength, Conditioning, and Rehabilitation   Clinical Risk Modeling   Occupational Health
  Crew and Ground Support Personnel Training   Medical Informatics   Epidemiology
  Human Test Subject Medical Monitoring   Medical Simulation   Telemedicine
  Crew Family Support        

                  Payload Labeling
  Human Systems Integration   Usability Analysis and Testing    

  Crew Exposure and Dosimetry    

  Food Acceptability, Selection, Production and Packaging


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Provide a concise description of your opportunity, e.g., the program or project for which you are seeking partners and information on other proposed partners; the advantages, goals / objectives of your technology or your collaborative opportunity, etc. (limit to 350 words or less please)

Comment on any constraints you have regarding desired partners, or technological, economic, or legal aspects that are likely to impact your innovation's success

Additional Information
Add links to images or documentation, information regarding start-up or matching funds, additional contact or other relevant information

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Provide comments on your intended market and/or additional potential applications. What factors differentiate your innovation from others?

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