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2013 NASA Earth/Space Life Science Innovation Award
April 15, 2013
The winner of the 2013 NASA Earth/Space Life Science Innovation award is BriteSeed, LLC from Northwestern University. BriteSeed is a medical device company committed to commercializing novel technologies that benefit patients and reduce healthcare costs.

BriteSeed's first product is SafeSnips that seamlessly integrates blood vessel detection technology into existing cutting tools. The technology may also have other tissue sensing capabilities. The team saw this technology as applicable to future missions in level 5 care capability.

BriteSeed finished well in the overall Rice Business Plan competition and won the following prizes:

  • Second place in the overall competition – winning the $15,000 second place award.
  • GOOSE Society runner-up award of $100,000
  • Greater Houston Partnership Life Science prize of $100,000
  • Life Science Award from Essex Woodland (dollar value unknown)

Overall, our best finishing team to date at second place overall and at least $235,000 in total winnings.

Previous award winners LyoGo (finished 3rd overall in 2010), Diagenetix (2011), and Innovostics (2012) were featured as success stories with continued funding, success and development.


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