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    NHHPC Workshop - Collaborative Innovation: Strategies and Best Practices

    This event is for NHHPC member organizations. You must register to attend; however, there is no registration fee. If your organization is not a member but wishes to become one, please send an email to or use the contact us form.

    January 18, 2011

    Network with other NHHPC members at the welcome reception hosted by member Wyle Integrated Science and Engineering.

    January 19, 2011

    How can collaborative innovation help fill the gaps of what we know and don’t know relative to human health and performance? How about through a workshop focused on strategies and best practices? On January 19, 2011 the 1st NHHPC Workshop will address collaborative innovation strategies and best practices through various keynote presentations. Four speakers have been confirmed to date. Dr. Karim Lakhani from Harvard Business School will kick-off the workshop with IdeasCloud, an introduction to open innovation. Pascal Finette, Director of Mozilla Labs, will follow with Lessons from Mozilla – lessons learned, mistakes made, and how they came to be one of the (accidental) poster children of Open Innovation. The morning session will conclude with a panel discussion, moderated by Bev Godwin from the GSA, on how to run an effective challenge through open innovation platforms and will feature various NHHPC members. In the afternoon, the Cazneau Group will discuss their process for impact investment where they bring diverse players together to accelerate solutions to complex healthcare challenges, and General Mills will present on the topic - Putting It All Together in a Corporate Setting. The workshop will conclude with a breakout session where members can organize around similar projects, services or core capabilities.

    Registration Form:
    • If you would like to register to attend the workshop, click here to access the registration form.
    • Registration is free, but we require a RSVP for registration purposes.
    • Please note the following:
      • No taxis are allowed on site.
      • Deadline for registration is 01/05/2011
      • Foreign Nationals must register by 12/15/10
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      • NASA does not endorse the private enterprise or business of non-federal entities.

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