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  • Remarks to the National Space Club

    02.09.06 - Exploration must become, in the public mind, nothing more or less than "what NASA does."

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  • Administrator's Statement on Scientific Openness

    02.04.06 - NASA has always been, is, and will continue to be committed to open scientific and technical inquiry and dialogue with the public.

  • Remarks at National Society of Professional Engineers

    01.19.06 - "The great American author James Michener, who frequently had interesting observations about our society, once said. 'Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.' "

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  • Administrator's Press Briefing

    01.17.06 - Administrator Mike Griffin talks with the media about the upcoming Pluto New Horizons launch and other agency programs.

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  • Remarks at American Astronomical Society

    01.10.06 - "For many of us here, the brilliance of the night sky has helped guide our paths in life."

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  • Remarks to the Huntsville, Alabama, Chamber of Commerce

    01.06.06 - "The history of space exploration in the past half-century has been nothing short of extraordinary; indeed, we are approaching a watershed moment in that history."

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  • Exceptional Bravery Awards Ceremony, Michoud Assembly Facility

    01.05.06 - The courage of employees who protected spaceflight hardware during Hurricane Katrina "reminds us that not all of NASA's heroes fly in space."

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  • Georgia Institute of Technology Fall Commencement 2005

    12.19.05 - "History teaches us that one of the great drivers of scientific and cultural advancement and innovation is exploration."

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  • American Geophysical Union Conference

    12.06.05 - America’s space program is a prime example of a successful national investment in opening new frontiers that became possible precisely because our leaders thought about scientific advancement in this new context.

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  • California Space Authority Conference

    12.02.05 - Administrator Griffin told the audience that to ensure the success of the space program across a wide spectrum of political thought and down the generations, it is essential to have simple but compelling goals.

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  • American Astronautical Society 52nd Annual Conference

    11.15.05 - If we are to make the expansion and development of the space frontier an integral part of what it is that human societies do, then these activities must, as quickly as possible, assume an economic dimension as well.

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  • Center for Strategic and International Studies

    11.01.05 - "It can be argued that the most important recent development in the arena of international affairs was the release, in January 2004, of the President’s new civil space policy, the Vision for Space Exploration."

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  • International Astronautical Congress in Japan

    10.17.05 - "The dawn of the true space age lies ahead of us."

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  • NASA at 47

    09.30.05 - NASA celebrates its 47th anniversary.

  • NASA's New Spacecraft

    09.19.05 - NASA Administrator Mike Griffin announces the results of the Exploration Systems Architecture Study.

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  • Moe Schneebaum Memorial Lecture, Goddard Space Flight Center

    09.12.05 - Administrator Griffin honors Dr. Jentung Ku and discusses today's engineering challenges.

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  • Administrator Updates Employees on Katrina

    09.09.05 - NASA Administrator Mike Griffin discusses Hurricane Katrina and other topics with employees.

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  • Remarks at the AIAA Space 2005 Conference

    08.31.05 - The President’s directive gave all of us who are privileged to work in this business a challenge bold enough to last a lifetime.

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  • Letter to the New York Times

    08.19.05 - NASA Administrator Mike Griffin discusses the future of the Space Shuttle program.

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  • Press Briefing on STS-121

    08.18.05 - Administrator Griffin and Bill Gerstenmaier, associate administrator for Space Operations, update the media about plans for the next Space Shuttle mission.

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