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  • Remarks at the X-Prize Summit on NASA and the Commercial Space Industry

    10.20.06 - As we go forward with the Vision for Space Exploration, it emphatically is our duty to encourage and leverage nascent commercial space capabilities.

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  • Administrator's Remarks Before the 57th Annual International Astronautical Congress

    10.03.06 - It is important for the fraternity of space-faring nations to discuss openly the issues that we each face ... Thus, my remarks today will be on the subject of "partnership" as we apply it to our endeavors in space.

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  • NASA Administrator Michael Griffin Holds Press Conference in Shanghai, China

    09.27.06 - "Cooperation between and among nations, space-faring nations, over the life of the International Space Station, [is] one of the most fruitful things we do in helping to bring our various people together."

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  • NASA Administrator Michael Griffin Visits China

    09.25.06 - "I can only say that this represents a step toward lessening the distance between our two countries."

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  • STS-115 Post-Landing Press Conference

    09.21.06 - Transcript of the press conference, featuring NASA Administrator Michael Griffin and LeRoy Cain, Space Shuttle Launch Integration Manager

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  • Science and NASA

    09.12.06 - Administrator Griffin discusses the role of science during an "all hands" employees meeting at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

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  • NASA Leaders at Mars Society Convention

    08.03.06 - Administrator Mike Griffin, Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems Scott Horowitz, and Assistant Administrator for Legislative Affairs Brian Chase spoke at the conference.

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  • Remarks at the Farnborough International Airshow

    07.19.06 - "The answer is not for NASA to re-organize or abandon one of its core missions to focus on the other two, as some pundits have recommended be done with our aeronautics research program."

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  • Remarks to the NASA Advisory Council Science Subcommittees

    07.06.06 - One of the great strengths of our country is the principle of freedom of speech, of entertaining vigorous debates on the great issues of the day.

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  • STS-121 Pre-launch Briefing

    06.30.06 - Administrator Griffin and Associate Administrator for Space Operations Bill Gerstenmaier brief the media before the launch of Discovery on the STS-121 mission.

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  • Remarks Before the House Committee

    06.08.06 - The NASA role in the NPOESS program, in accordance with Presidential Decision Directive/NSTC-2, is to facilitate the development and insertion of new cost-effective technologies that will enhance the ability of the converged system to meet its operational requirements.

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  • Remarks at Signing Ceremony in India

    05.11.06 - NASA and India's space agency signed agreements that will put two NASA instruments on India's first lunar mission.

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  • Testimony Before the Senate Commerce Committee on the FY 2007 Budget

    04.25.06 - " . . . the next decade for NASA (is) the greatest technical and management challenge the agency has faced."

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  • Administrator's April 6 Remarks to the U.S. Space Foundation

    04.06.06 - When I became NASA’s 11th Administrator a year ago, I had several goals that I wanted to accomplish by the end my term of service.

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  • NASA Communications Policy


  • Testimony Before the House Appropriations Science Subcommittee

    03.30.06 - I will outline the highlights of our budget request and discuss the strategic direction for NASA in implementing the priorities of the President and Congress within the resources provided.

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  • Administrator's March 27 Remarks to Mississippi State University

    03.28.06 - President Lee, I’m honored to present the William Giles lectureship in recognition of your predecessor’s outstanding service to this institution, and his leadership in strengthening the school’s dedication to teaching, research, and service.

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  • Deputy Administrator's Remarks for Space Transportation Association Breakfast

    03.22.06 - It’s great to be among friends and colleagues in the space community again and I look forward to working with Rich and all of you in my official capacity at NASA.

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  • Administrator's March 7 Remarks to Space Shuttle Suppliers

    03.07.06 - "In this era, exploration of the cosmos is the most technically challenging thing any nation does. This is rocket science."

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  • ISS Heads of Agency meeting

    03.02.06 - NASA Administrator Mike Griffin met with his international counterparts to discuss space station assembly.

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