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  • Johnson Space Center Briefing

    04.21.07 - "Yesterday, we lost a valued member of the NASA team, a long time, very highly regarded engineer."

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  • Remarks at the National Space Symposium

    04.12.07 - The administrator discusses the National Strategy and the Civil Space Program.

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  • Remarks at Purdue University

    03.28.07 - The administrator discusses system engineering and the "two cultures" of engineering.

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  • Remarks at the Goddard Space Symposium

    03.20.07 - Americans are by nature a competitive people, and I believe that our country is an enormously better place for having accepted the challenge that President John F. Kennedy put before us in 1961.

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  • Congressional Budget Testimony

    03.15.07 - Administrator Michael Griffin's statements to the House Committee on Science and Technology and the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies.

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  • Remarks Before the Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies, Committee on Appropriations

    03.13.07 - This request demonstrates the President’s commitment to our Nation’s leadership in space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research, and I ask your support for it.

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  • Remarks at JAXA Space Exploration Symposium in Kyoto

    03.07.07 - The administrator discusses the Global Exploration Strategy effort by fourteen international space agencies, including NASA.

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  • Statement to the Senate Subcommittee on Space, Aeronautics and Related Sciences

    02.28.07 - I am grateful to the Congress for providing a strategic direction for NASA that will serve our Nation well for the next several decades.

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  • Remarks to the National Space Club

    02.07.07 - In preparing for today, I looked back at my speech from a year ago, and was struck by how many of the goals then laid out for the year ahead were actually achieved.

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  • Administrator's Remarks on the Fiscal Year 2008 Budget

    02.05.07 - This morning, the President announced his Fiscal Year 2008 budget request for the entire federal government. This includes a $17.3 billion request for NASA, a 3.1 percent increase over the President’s FY 2007 request for the Agency.

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  • Remarks at World Economic Forum 2007

    01.26.07 - Some of us gathered here tonight grew up during the Apollo era of the 1960s, NASA’s apotheosis. We watched science fiction movies and television shows that made us believe that we--all of us and not simply a few astronauts--could become space travelers.

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  • 2007 Heads of Agency Meeting

    The heads of the International Space Station partner met in Paris on Jan. 23, 2007, to review ISS cooperation.

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  • Remarks at Quasar Award Dinner

    01.19.07 - If we don’t have public support that is both strong and specific, the things we want to do, and believe to be important, will not survive.

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  • Why Explore Space?

    01.17.07 - "I believe America should look to its future – and consider what that future will look like if we choose not to be a spacefaring nation."

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  • Remarks Before the Space Transportation Association

    01.11.07 - "You here at the Space Transportation Association already understand why space exploration and scientific discovery is imaportant for our nation."

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  • Administrator Griffin's STS-116 Post-Landing Briefing

    12.22.06 - "If I were an English major and given to a literary turn of phrase, I might say somewhat onomatopoetically that the Shuttle burst out of the clouds and swished down onto the runway, but being an engineer and a pilot, I would say that Roman and Billy O. steered it into a perfect landing."

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  • Administrator Griffin's STS-116 Post-Launch Briefing

    12.09.06 - "When you bring it all together -- the Space Station, the Moon, looking forward, past that, to Mars -- these are the steps that we have to take if we want to become a space-faring nation."

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  • Remarks to the Royal Society of the United Kingdom

    12.01.06 - The Royal Society has a long and distinguished history of supporting explorers and scientists; indeed, for centuries the Royal Society was the embodiment of science in western civilization.

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  • Administrator Griffin and Senior NASA Officials Discuss the Hubble Servicing Mission

    10.31.06 - NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, Associate Administrator for Space Operations William Gerstenmaier and Associate Administrator for Science Mission Directorate Mary Cleave discuss the Hubble Servicing Mission.

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  • NASA Langley Colloquium Series--Space Exploration: Filling Up the Canvas

    10.24.06 - This lecture series dates back to 1971, with the inaugural address by Wernher von Braun, and many other luminaries from our industry have followed him, so I have big shoes to fill.

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