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  • NASA Update

    01.16.09 - Administrator Griffin addresses employees at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

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  • Remarks Before the Space Transportation Association

    01.08.09 - I've had the pleasure of speaking to the Space Transportation Association each January for the past several years, and I'd like to thank Rich Coleman for this year's invitation.

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  • Remarks at the Carey School of Business, The Johns Hopkins University

    12.18.08 - I am pleased to be invited back to Johns Hopkins, and to the Carey School of Business, to speak with you today on the theme of "improving government processes."

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  • University of Alabama-Huntsville Fall Commencement Address

    12.12.08 - As President Williams mentioned, I have collected a few of those degrees myself over the years, most of them in my spare time. The degrees themselves are unimportant. What is important is a commitment to life-long learning.

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  • Remarks for the Apollo 8 40th Anniversary

    12.11.08 - I have long thought that the decision to send Apollo 8 to the moon was one of the most crucial in NASA’s history, and might well stand first on the list.

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  • NASA Lunar Lander Challenge Recognition Ceremony

    12.05.08 - I would like to take this opportunity to speak about something of interest to me and many of you assembled here: the role of prizes, such as NASA's Centennial Challenges, in spurring innovation through competition.

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  • News Briefing: Mars Science Laboratory Delay

    12.04.08 - Administrator Griffin and other NASA officials brief reporters on the delay of the Mars Science Laboratory mission from 2009 to 2011.

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  • NASA 50th Anniversary History Conference Keynote Address

    10.28.08 - A look back at history can provide the context to look forward at what we are doing, and why. When I consider NASA and the nation’s space program in this way, I am drawn again and again to the overriding need for constancy of purpose in our enterprise, if we are to obtain anything useful from it.

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  • NASA and Engineering Integrity

    10.21.08 - While some people like to think that Washington, DC is the center of the universe, any aerospace engineer knows that it's more fun, more immediately rewarding, to be where the action is, to be part of a great team where great things are being built, contributing to a great cause that you can see in front of you.

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  • Remarks at NASA's 50th Anniversary Gala

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  • The Magic of Science

    09.15.08 - Remarks at the 33rd International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves

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  • Seeking the Right Stuff

    09.14.08 - Since this evening’s discussion is about seeking "The Right Stuff," I consulted Tom Wolfe's book to remind me of that unique author's definition of it.

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  • Remarks at the DC-X/XA Reunion

    08.18.08 - Space Transportation for the 21st Century: Passing the Torch

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  • Remarks at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition

    07.23.08 - What the Hubble Space Telescope teaches us about ourselves.

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  • French Parliamentary Group on Space

    06.05.08 - International cooperation is essential to the future of exploration.

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  • Second Annual Billig-Croft Lecture

    04.17.08 - Building NASA's Future

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  • Remarks to the 39th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

    03.10.08 - To Explore Strange New Worlds

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  • American Astronautical Society Goddard Symposium

    03.05.08 - The Reality of Tomorrow

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  • Remarks to the Space Flight Suppliers Conference

    03.04.08 - Time to Take Longer Strides

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  • Defense Department to Engage Decaying Satellite

    02.14.08 - NASA Administrator Mike Griffin participates in briefing.

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