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NAOMS Project Presentations and Associated Documents
The NAOMS project presentations and associated documents from 1998 to 2005 are posted here.

These presentations and associated documents were generated during the course of the project by the NAOMS project team, and do not represent a final or formal output.

1998-03-05 NAOMS Concept

1998-11-13 ASRS Advisory Subcommittee

1999-05-11 NAOMS Workshop DC

2000-01-26 NAOMS AvSPEC

2000-03-01 NAOMS Workshop DC
2002-08-28 ICAC L2 Milestone Workshop
2002-12-05 Lewis-Finelli Langley

2003-04-09 FAA DC
NAOMS, NRC, 7-May-2003

2003-08-05 FAA-JIMDAT Newport

2003-12-18 NAOMS Working Group, Mtg 01 2004-05-05 NAOMS Working Group, Mtg 02
2004-06-16 JIMDAT Briefing Materials
2004-09-01 ATO DC
2004-09-08 LaPointe-FAA Tech Center MVCA
2005-01-26 JIMDAT DC
2005-01-28 CAST DC
NAOMS Research Plan
NAOMS research was part of the Aviation Safety Monitoring and Modeling (ASMM) project. The following is the 2004 version of the ASMM plan reflecting all of its research activities, including NAOMS, from 2000-2005.

2004 Aviation Safety Monitoring and Modeling Project Plan