NAOMS 2008 General Aviation Responses by Survey Question
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GA5, GA6, GA8 to GA11 -- Actual Hours and Takeoffs by Year
GA8 to GA11, GA13.1 to GA13.6, GA13.1.A to GA13.6.A -- Aircraft Category, Total Hours and Total Takeoffs

GAC1 -- Bird Strikes
GAC2, GAC3 -- Near Midair Collisions

GAD1 -- Altitude Deviation
GAD2 -- Descended Below Minimum Safe Altitude (MSA)

GAH1 -- Used Reserve Fuel
GAH2 -- Accepted Clearance That Could Not Comply With
GAH3, GAH3.A -- Lost Sight of Aircraft
GAH4, GAH5 -- Land or Takeoff Without Clearance
GAH6 -- Deviated From Route or Vector
GAH7 -- Takeoffs With Out-of-Limit Center of Gravity (CG)
GAH8 -- Overweight Takeoffs
GAH9.A -- Takeoffs With Improper Configuration
GAH10 -- Unusual Attitude
GAH11.A -- Airplane Stall Warning
GAH11.H -- Helicopter Low-Rotor-RPM Warning
GAH12 to GAH12.C -- Near Collision With Terrain
GAH13.A, GAH13.A.A -- Crossed Threshold With Gear Up
GAH14 -- Entered Airspace Without Clearance
GAH15 -- Lost Horizon

GAT1 to GAT1.C -- Unable to Communicate with Air Traffic Control (ATC)
GAT2 -- High Altitude or Airspeed on Approach
GAT3 -- Left Frequency for Weather
GAT4 to GAT4.B.1 -- Missed Transmission
GAT5 -- Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS)

GC1 to GC1.A.7.A -- Weather Information Source
GC2 to GC3.1 -- Most Recent Weather Information Source
GC4 -- Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Takeoffs
GC5, GC5.A, GC5.B -- VFR Weather Minimums
GC6, GC6.A -- Lost Track of Position Because of Weather
GC7, GC7.A, GC7.B -- Spatial Disorientation Because of Weather
GC8 to GC8.B.Other -- Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC)
GC9, GC9.A, GC9.B -- Go-Around
GC10 to GC10.AOther -- Diversions Because of Weather
GC11, GC11.A, GC11.A.Other -- VFR on Top
GC12, GC13, GC14 -- Instrument Training
GC15, GC15.A -- Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Flight Plans
GC16, GC16.A, GC16.B -- IFR Minimums
GC17.A, GC17.B, GC17.C -- Aircraft Equipment for IFR
GC18 to GC18.C -- Instrument Approaches to Landing in IMC
GC19 to GC20.D -- Instrument Approaches to Landing in IMC Under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 91

GCP1 -- Distracted by Passengers

GD1 to GD5What -- Questionnaire Feedback

GER1 to GER1.B --Diversions
GER2.A.A to GER2.A.G.2 -- Uncommanded Airplane Surface Movements
GER2.H.A to GER2.H.G.2 -- Uncommanded Helicopter Surface Movements
GER3.A to GER3.E.1.1 -- Smoke, Fire or Fumes
GER4, GER5 -- Engine Shutdowns or Failures
GER6 -- Total Loss of Electrical Power
GER7 -- Bogus Parts
GER8 -- Doors or Cowlings Opened Inadvertently in Flight
GER9 -- Doors or Windows Came Off During Flight
GER10 -- Cargo Shifted or Came Loose
GER11 -- Contaminated Fuel
GER12 -- Wrong Fuel
GER13, GER13.B -- Attitude Indicator Failures

GGE1 -- No Wind Indicator
GGE2 -- Takeoffs With Protective Gear
GGE3 -- Aborted Takeoffs
GGE4.A to GGE6.A -- Airplane Runway or Taxiway Excursions
GGE7.A -- Airplane Runway Incursions
GGE8.A, GGE9.A -- Takeoff or Landing Conflicts With Other Aircraft
GGE10.A -- Airplane Hit Runway or Taxiway Lights
GGE11 -- Hit Animal
GGE12.A to GGE12.A.C -- Airplane Collided or Nearly Collided With Ground Vehicle
GGE13.H to GGE13.H.C -- Helicopter Collided or Nearly Collided With Ground Vehicle
GGE14.A to GGE15.A -- Airplane Nearly Collided With Another Aircraft While Both on Ground

GTU1 to GTU1.C --Severe Turbulence
GTU2 -- Wake Turbulence

GWE1 to GWE1.E -- Weather Information
GWE2.A, GWE2.H -- Diversions Because of Weather
GWE3.A, GWE3.H -- Aircraft Icing
GWE4 -- Windshear or Microburst
GWE5.H, GWE6.H -- Lost Tail Rotor Effectiveness
GWE7.H -- Helicopter Lost Horizon

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