NAOMS 2008 General Aviation Responses by Category
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Actual Hours and Takeoffs by Year (GA5, GA6, GA8 to GA11)

Airborne Conflicts
Bird Strikes (GAC1)
Near Midair Collisions (GAC2, GAC3)

Aircraft Category, Total Hours and Total Takeoffs (GA8 to GA11, GA13.1 to GA13.6, GA13.1.A to GA13.6.A)

Aircraft Flight Operations
Accepted Clearance That Could Not Comply With (GAH2)
Airplane Stall Warning (GAH11.A)
Altitude Deviation (GAD1)
Crossed Threshold With Gear Up (GAH13.A, GAH13.A.A)
Descended Below Minimum Safe Altitude (MSA) (GAD2)
Deviated From Route or Vector (GAH6)
Entered Airspace Without Clearance (GAH14)
Helicopter Low-Rotor-RPM Warning (GAH11.H)
Land or Takeoff Without Clearance (GAH4, GAH5)
Lost Horizon (GAH15)
Lost Sight of Aircraft (GAH3, GAH3.A)
Near Collision With Terrain (GAH12 to GAH12.C)
Overweight Takeoffs (GAH8)
Takeoffs With Improper Configuration (GAH9.A)
Takeoffs With Out-of-Limit Center of Gravity (CG) (GAH7)
Unusual Attitude (GAH10)
Used Reserve Fuel (GAH1)

Distracted by Passengers (GCP1)

Equipment Abnormalities
Attitude Indicator Failures (GER13, GER13.B)
Bogus Parts (GER7)
Cargo Shifted or Came Loose (GER10)
Contaminated Fuel (GER11)
Diversions (GER1 to GER1.B)
Doors or Cowlings Opened Inadvertently in Flight (GER8)
Doors or Windows Came Off During Flight (GER9)
Engine Shutdowns or Failures (GER4, GER5)
Smoke, Fire or Fumes (GER3.A to GER3.E.1.1)
Total Loss of Electrical Power (GER6)
Uncommanded Airplane Surface Movements (GER2.A.A to GER2.A.G.2)
Uncommanded Helicopter Surface Movements (GER2.H.A to GER2.H.G.2)
Wrong Fuel (GER12)

Ground Operations
Aborted Takeoffs (GGE3)
Airplane Collided or Nearly Collided With Ground Vehicle (GGE12.A to GGE12.A.C)
Airplane Hit Runway or Taxiway Lights (GGE10.A)
Airplane Nearly Collided With Another Aircraft While Both on Ground (GGE14.A to GGE15.A)
Airplane Runway Incursions (GGE7.A)
Airplane Runway or Taxiway Excursions (GGE4.A to GGE6.A)
Helicopter Collided or Nearly Collided With Ground Vehicle (GGE13.H to GGE13.H.C)
Hit Animal (GGE11)
No Wind Indicator (GGE1)
Takeoff or Landing Conflicts With Other Aircraft (GGE8.A, GGE9.A)
Takeoffs With Protective Gear (GGE2)

Interactions With Air Traffic Control (ATC)
High Altitude or Airspeed on Approach (GAT2)
Left Frequency for Weather (GAT3)
Missed Transmission (GAT4 to GAT4.B.1)
Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS) (GAT5)
Unable To Communicate With ATC (GAT1 to GAT1.C)

Questionnaire Feedback (GD1 to GD5What)

Aircraft Equipment for Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) (GC17.A to GC17.C)
Aircraft Icing (GWE3.A, GWE3.H)
Diversions Because of Weather (GWE2.A, GWE2.H, GC10 to GC10.AOther)
Go-Around (GC9 to GC9.B)
Helicopter Lost Horizon (GWE7.H)
Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) (GC8 to GC8.B.Other)
Instrument Approaches to Landing in IMC (GC18 to GC18.C)
Instrument Approaches to Landing in IMC Under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 91 (GC19 to GC20.D)
Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Flight Plans (GC15, GC15.A)
IFR Minimums (GC16 to GC16.B)
Instrument Training (GC12 to GC14)
Lost Tail Rotor Effectiveness (GWE5.H, GWE6.H)
Lost Track of Position Because of Weather (GC6, GC6.A)
Most Recent Weather Information Source (GC2 to GC3.1)
Severe Turbulence (GTU1 to GTU1.C)
Spatial Disorientation Because of Weather (GC7, GC7.A, GC7.B)
Visual Flight Rules (VFR) on Top (GC 11 to GC11.A.Other)
VFR Takeoffs (GC4)
VFR Weather Minimums (GC5, GC5.A, GC5.B)
Wake Turbulence (GTU2)
Weather Information (GWE1 to GWE1.E)
Weather Information Source (GC1 to GC1.A.7.A)
Windshear or Microburst (GWE4)

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