NASA National Aviation Operations Monitoring Service (NAOMS) 2008 Information Release

September 30, 2008
This website has been updated as part of NASA’s continuing effort to release more and higher fidelity NAOMS information. It contains 26,170 air carrier and 4,981 general aviation (including rotorcraft) pilot survey responses collected as part of the NAOMS project between April 2001 and December 2004.

As with previous releases of NAOMS information, NASA has taken the necessary redaction steps to ensure that both the anonymity and confidentiality promised to pilots have been maintained and that no commercial confidential information is released.

NAOMS Executive Summary
NAOMS Survey Response Disclaimer
NAOMS Survey Response Redaction Summary

Survey Questionnaires
Air Carrier Survey Questionnaire
General Aviation Survey Questionnaire

NAOMS Survey Responses
NOTE: The responses contained herein, and the methodology used to acquire them, have not been peer-reviewed to date. Accordingly, no product of the NAOMS project, including the survey methodology, the survey responses, and any analysis of the responses, should be viewed or considered at this stage as having been validated.

Air Carrier Responses Updated September 30, 2008 (26,170 responses)
General Aviation Responses Updated September 30, 2008 (4,981 responses)

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