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Previous NASA Reports

  • Previous Budget Requests, through FY 2003
  • NASA/Navy Benchmarking Exchange (NNBE) Reports- NASA Administrator O'Keefe recognized the similarities between human space flight programs and submarine operations and requested an information exchange between NASA and the U.S. Navy. The effort, co-chaired by NASA's Office of Safety and Mission Assurance and the NAVSEA 07Q Submarine Safety and Quality Assurance Division, examined safety and mission assurance policies, processes, accountability, and control measures.
    + View the Interim Report in Acrobat PDF (612 Kb) - December 20, 2002 Report examined the Navy submarine safety (SUBSAFE) program.
    + View the Progress Report in Acrobat PDF (918 Kb) - July 15, 2003 Report focused on the Naval Reactors Program.

  • Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Report- The results of the 2002 Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel activities are reflected in a modified format to capture a long-term perspective. The report covers pivotal issues concerning Space Shuttle aging and certification, infrastructure, NASA's safety organization and processes, and full cost accounting. Program area findings and recommendations cover the Space Shuttle Program, International Space Station, Aviation Safety, and cross-program areas.
    + View Acrobat PDF (1.4Mb)
    + Visit the website

  • Alternate Trajectories, Options for Competitive Sourcing of the Space Shuttle Program- NASA is considering competitive sourcing of Space Shuttle operations. To obtain a private sector perspective, NASA commissioned RAND to lead a study by an independent Task Force to identify and evaluate possible business models for future Space Shuttle operations. This Executive Summary describes the findings and recommendations of the Task Force. A full, detailed report will be released about December 1, 2002. PDF format

  • Research Maximization and Prioritization (ReMaP)Task Force Results- on research priorities for NASA's Biological and Physical Research Enterprise. July 10, 2002.

  • FY 2001 Performance Report

  • ISS Management and Cost Evaluation (IMCE) Task Force Report - on budget and management challenges facing the International Space Station. Nov. 1, 2001

  • NASA Strategic Plan- Current published plan written prior to the new agency vision statement

  • Planning documents - NASA Enterprise Strategic Plans, Center Implementation Plans, Strategic Management Plans

  • Language Assistance Plan - NASA's plan for addressing the needs of people with limited English proficiency
  • NASA Integrated Action Team Report, "Enhancing Mission Success -- A Framework for the Future" (December 2000) - a report by the NASA Chief Engineer and the NASA Integrated Action Team
  • NASA Improvement Strategy in response to the 1999 NPR Employee Survey - April 2000
  • NASA Faster, Better, Cheaper Task Final Report (Spear Report) - March 2000

    Supporting Briefing Charts:

  • Communicating NASA's Knowledge (August 1998)
  • The Aeronautics and Space Report of the President, Fiscal Year 1997 Activities (August 1998)
  • 1997 Accountability Report: assesses the agency's performance in its four Strategic Enterprises and in other processes. (February 1998)
  • 1998 NASA Spinoffs
  • NASA Strategic Plan (October 1997)
  • Announcement of Possible Work Force Reductions (April 1996)
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