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Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
Intel International Science and Engineering Fair vision station Image to left: Students enjoyed the Discovery Rooms hosted by Glenn Research Center.

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair is the largest science fair in the world for kids. Over one thousand kids from 40 countries came together, put on their thinking caps, and competed in the "Olympics of Science Fairs." This year's fair, from May 11 through May 17, was in Cleveland, Ohio. Not only is Cleveland the home of the Browns, but also NASA's Glenn Research Center.

At this year's Fair, NASA Glenn hosted four fascinating Discovery Rooms. Discovery rooms are cool areas at the fair where students can have fun learning through hands-on science and technology activities. In one of the Discovery Rooms, Wilbur and Orville Wright explained how they invented the airplane. Another Discovery Room had high-tech computer workstations including a Virtual Reality flight simulator.

Collage of Astronauts representing the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Image to left: Current and former space travelers discussed the future of space travel with students.

On May 15, NASA Glenn hosted a discussion of the future of space travel with six current and former NASA astronauts and a former Russian cosmonaut. They also answered questions that kids sent through email. Viewers around the world tuned in to watch this program on NASA TV and on the internet.

NASA scientists and engineers judged entries in the science fair, while students and teachers toured NASA Glenn Research Center buildings and grounds. They saw the zero-gravity drop tower, as well as the Visitor center which hosts an Apollo module and a real moon rock.

Those who visited the Fair had a great deal of fun. Many kids discovered the thrill and excitement of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and NASA.